Sometimes, it is easier to give up when we’ve hit a rough patch. Our difficulties or conflicts could be brought on by circumstances, family, friendships, jobs, etc. It is tough to press through and work things out. But love perseveres through difficult times.

Louie learned a valuable lesson about love and perseverance from his New York cousin, Noli Cannoli. She had an accident that caused partial paralysis of her back legs. Even though there were many times Noli felt like giving up, she pressed on. At times, she felt like she would never walk again, but she did. How? By taking one small step at a time, and relying on the love and encouragement of her pawrents. You can watch her little legs go, go, go on the video below.

Sometimes, it seems all we can muster up is one small step. But once we take the first step, the next one becomes clear, and then the next step, etc.

Persevere by taking one small step at a time. Take the initiative to press through difficult times.
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