Louie’s Little Legs and The Magic of Kindness

Dear Ms. DiStasi -

Thank you for being the mystery reader. I learned that having little legs isn’t always bad to have.
I loved the book because Louie could still have fun with his little legs. And I like that you wrote
a book about your dog. We appreciate you for picking an amazing book. You impact the
community by writing inspiring books.
Have a great day.
Sincerely, Landon and SLE 3rd graders.

"I used this book with-

a group of 5-8-year-old girls for our troop, and they really enjoyed it. It
was a great story to open our discussion about kindness and taking the time to get to know one

"The most beautifully written-

animated children’s book! Such a fun story that kids (and adults) can understand and learn from. We love it!”

Louie’s Little Legs and the Magic of Patience

"Once again, -

Danise has taken an issue that we all deal with and helps the little ones form a solid foundation of values on which to build.
This should be in every child’s book collection.”
–Lisa C.

"My granddaughter and I -

have read both Louie books again and again. We always learn something new about kindness or patience and look for magic in each illustration.

The fact that Danise has written -

written these books with her granddaughters has inspired my 6-year-old to write a short story – with illustrations – every time she comes for a visit. This weekend? Her mom was a pirate!”
–J. Messersmith

"Fun character lesson for -

the whole family so we can LOVE each other better!
Patience? Wow – did we need this book in our family. Through this incredible and fun story we were able to have a deeper conversation about how LOVE is patient. Through the Louie series, our kids are learning the character of LOVE so that they can be a change agent in the world.”
–J. McCarthy

"I love this author's books. -

Very creative. Easy for children to understand. Being kind to everyone is the goal here. Always ready for her next book.”
–J. Ervin

Love Like Louie

Goshen Middle School -

“Our class finished the book and really enjoyed it. It made for a lot of personal connections and
discussions that allowed me to get to know my students better. The additional book was a
wonderful reading opportunity. I felt the kids’ response was mostly positive and almost wish I
had another book for 2nd semester. – The book allowed me to see empathy in our kids and
tapped into their emotions. They were loudly making predictions about what was going
to happen. They also simply loved reading aloud.”

"I really have enjoyed this book! -

Students have benefitted in tribe in several ways. First, we
have had some great conversations about what it means to have compassion for both humans and
animals. In addition, many students have said they have learned how to take better care of their
pets. It has been a positive experience for all of us!”

"It was through Love Like Louie -

that I was able to explain the idea that love comes in many
forms. Kids are often stuck on the idea of romantic love and think it’s strange that you can love
people and not be “in love” with them. I really appreciate how this book enabled our class to
discuss this together, especially using the examples of Louie and Emi’s grandma. This led to us
practicing various forms of showing love for our friends, families, teachers, etc. And I LOVE
that! Thanks so much for making this possible!”


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