How Are Your Resolutions Working?

Have you given up on your resolutions yet? Many of us have. And why is that? Well, Louie and I learned the hard way and we may have the answer you’re looking for. Read More…     Contact us to have us speak at your event. Louie is available to...

Does Your Team Have The Same Goals As You?

I’ve noticed lately I no longer enjoy my walks with my rescue pup, Louie. It saddens me to share that publicly, but it is the truth—a truth I had to take time to explore and understand. I love to walk because I enjoy the outdoors and because it’s an excellent way for...

What Is Behind Our Fears?

Sometimes, the toughest employees in the office are often the most fearful. As leaders, how can we help them get past their fears? Read More     Save The Date… We have exciting news to share and details will follow. For now, please save the date for a...
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