Even with all his quirks and behavior challenges, Louie really is a patient little dog. His pal Rascal runs circles around Louie, and Louie sits, patiently waiting. Sometimes, when Rascal slows down for a minute and gets close enough, Louie will lick the top of Rascal’s head. And then Rascal is off and running again.

Many of us run in circles sometimes, just like Rascal. We’re trying to get back to “normal” and catch up on as much stuff as we can, and in the process, we become anxious and perhaps a little snippy and short-tempered. And patience has left the building!

Louie has some great advice when we’re overwhelmed with the number of things and activities we need to do:

  PAWS…and just do the very next thing! Don’t try to do everything all at once.

I wonder if Rascal will heed Louie’s advice. You’ll have to patiently wait until the new book, Louie’s Little Legs and The Magic of Patience arrives on the scene. In the meantime, go, Rascal, go!!
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