Louie’s little pal, Harley, had surgery recently. Donned in a soft cone (of shame no matter how fancy it is) and a onesie to keep her from investigating her stitches, she seemed pretty chipper when Louie saw her. Knowing what it is like to recover from surgery, Louie had to make sure she was okay. He definitely could feel her pain.
Our world could use a hefty dose of empathy today. Empathy is when you feel someone’s pain, either because you’ve experienced similar pain to what they are going through, or you know them so well your heart hurts for them. The key is to be still and listen. Your heart will tell you when to give a nod, an arm around their shoulder, or when to cry with them.
While we can’t share empathy with everyone in the world (hence where compassion comes in), we can be empathetic to those closest to us. Be still, listen, and choose empathy.
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