Before I adopted Louie, he was in a shelter in Boyd County, Kentucky. After no one came forward to claim him, he was sent to Louie’s Legacy adoption agency, where our journey began in 2013. If you’ve read our blogs, you know it took months, if not years, for Louie to learn to trust me. 

Fast-forward to today, and Louie is living the dream in our home! When he settles in for the night, I love on him, and invariably I hear his “safe and sound” sigh. His contentment and trust in me are primarily due to my consistent and loving yet firm behavior. He never has to guess how I am going to respond. He has learned that a certain behavior from him will evoke a certain response from me. Because of this, he feels safe and has learned to trust me. 

I have been unwavering in working through life’s tough spots to build a relationship of trust with Louie, and it has paid off in huge dividends of joy for both of us—as well as Evi, Mea, and many other people Louie has come to know and love. 

Being unclaimed and unloved is not limited to shelter pups. Many people in our lives have suffered this emotional pain. Before passing judgment on others, take the time to learn their stories. People are fascinating, and everyone has a unique story. Be unwavering in working through tough spots to build relationships of trust. This effort will pay off in immense ways for you and your loved ones. 

Love is patient, kind, and trustworthy.

Kindness and Patience go hand in hand (or paw in paw ;-). To prepare your little ones for the new Louie’s Little Legs book about the magic of patience, CLICK HERE to check out the video for our Kindness storytime and a sneak peek at our newest book!

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Thank you! 
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