Save A Child… that’s what you’re actually doing.

A friend of mine recently challenged me with a thought. Over lunch, I shared my ongoing experience with funding and grant writing, As I explained my heart for every child to take a book home so their families can understand the message of love, kindness, patience, and hope, he challenged me to think beyond providing books. He caught the vision and said, “Wow, so you need funding to help save a child!”

Yep, I sure do! The vision is beyond just me, and we are gathering folks to join the movement.

We’ve been busy spreading the love and would welcome your participation. We see children impacted every day by the simple messages in our Louie’s Little Legs books. We are looking for sponsors for our Classroom Bundles, monthly donors, and Louie visits. We’ll provide more information about the bundles as we finalize the details. Feel free to visit our DONATE page or contact us if you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas.

Speaking of being busy, on Valentine’s Day, we’ll be visiting with a special group of teachers at Crayons 2 Computers. We can’t wait! Here’s their announcement about the special event for the teachers who qualify to shop there

Crayons 2 Computers Special Event – on February 14
The teachers who come through the doors at Crayons to Computers are making a significant difference in the lives of children in Greater Cincinnati. C2C would like to further assist them by inviting them to a special event to meet Author Danise DiStasi.

Danise, along with her granddaughters/coauthors, and Louie, her rescue dog (The Louie Crew), started an organization called Unleash Love. Their mission is to eradicate bullying from the classroom to the boardroom by offering books and school events to share the message of love and kindness. The Louie Crew will be sharing more about their journey

Crayons to Computers

 and offering books at an event at the C2C facility on February 14, 2:30-6:00 p.m.

The first 30 teachers who attend the event will receive a copy of a Louie’s Little Legs book, personally signed by Danise. (This book is geared toward Preschool through third-grade students.)

As part of the Kickoff for National Reading Month, Unleash Love will also raffle off a Louie Pack – a classroom pack for one teacher:

  • Choice of a hardback copy of Louie’s Little Legs and The Magic of Kindness or Louie’s Little Legs and The Magic of Patience (both books are targeted to preschool-third grade)
  • A Louie visit for a book reading and
  • A paperback book for each of the teacher’s students (up to 25)

We hope to see all the exceptional teachers who shop at Crayons 2 Computers at the event. If you are not a teacher, stop by and say hello and learn more about the wonderful work Crayons to Computers is doing.

.  Love, The Louie Crew

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