Louie’s Little Legs and The Power of Hope


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In the series, Louie’s Little Legs, Louie learns important lessons about loving others by being kind, patient, and hopeful.

In Louie’s Little Legs and The Power of Hope, Louie goes on a big adventure to visit his cousin, Noli, in Chew York City.

While playing with his cousins, Noli, Buddy, and Sissy, in Central Bark, Noli has a very bad accident. During her recovery, Noli teaches Louie what it means to persevere and to have hope, even when times are very, very difficult.

Louie learns a powerful secret to being hopeful and persevering, “Take one day at a time–that’s the power of hope. And during tough times, we’ll need that power in order to cope.

Want to see how Noli is doing today? Thanks to her little spirit of perseverance, she is moving all around Chew York City :-). Check her out: https://youtu.be/hZByGUuw61M

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